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What's in a name?

By Holehouse Construction Company on May 25, 2016 at 11:31 PM in Current News

When I hand out my business card, the first thing people comment on is the hole in the house.  They say "clever, you fix holes in houses" or "cool logo, you build whole houses."  And usually, when I'm giving my email address to someone, they mistakenly send it to stephaniec@wholehouse.com.

Well, I'm going to set the record straight. 

The name Holehouse derives from a shepard digging a hole in the ground and putting a thatch roof over it, thus becoming a "hole house".  The area where these people lived was between Northern England and the Scottish border, near Hadrian's Wall, known as the Highlands Region.  Although the name derives from England, John Holehouses' ancestors mirgrated to the United States in 1621.

So, yes, we do fix "holes" in houses and yes, we do build "whole" houses.  We probably would go so far as to help you dig a hole and build a thatch roof if that architectural style comes back around.  But the name is quite simply, the owners last name.

A unique name which befits a unique Construction Company!